Top 10 Pool Floats of Summer 2019!

Hey MBO Fans! If you are ready for the summer but have not decided what kind of pool float will be ideal for you and your family here are the top 10 trending pool floats!

1. Rosé Pool Float

The Rosé float is the original pool float shaped like a Rosé Wine Bottle which will be perfect for any beach or pool event during those hot summer days. It comes with a cup holder so you can drink your cold beverage while having a lot of fun with friends and family.

2. The Classic Donut Float

If you want to make your summer extra sweet and add some sprinkles to all the fun. Donut go breakin’ our hearts (we can keep going with these puns)!! Stop by and purchase our Donut Pool Float for all those sweet summer moments.

3. Unicorn Ride-On Pool Float

The hottest trend this summer is everything unicorn, so you better believe your pool needs one! Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax and float on our unicorn pool float. Feel the real magic while making your summer the best one yet. You will love all the colors.

4. Sparkle Seashell Pool Float

Add a little sparkle to your life and feel the beautiful waves of the ocean. Our Sparkle Seashell Pool Float is filled with moving glitter, making it a great photo prop as well as a shining pool or beach lounger.

5. Llama Pool Float

If you just want to relax and have no drama in your life this summer stop by and check out our Llama Pool Float because our baby llama don’t need no drama. It is perfect for relaxation and for playing cool in the pool.

6. Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float

Embrace your inner Flamingo! Stay balanced and always be fabulous; chill out and soak up the sun while floating on our Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float.

7. Pizza Slice Pool Float

Anyone who says that money cannot buy happiness has not spent money on pizza and most importantly on our Pizza Slice Pool Float designed to make your life as tasty as it gets. A pizza slice a day keeps sadness away so hurry up and check it out.

8. Hamburger Island Pool Float

Hamburger! Hot Juicy Hamburgers are a staple of any family summer gathering. Well now you can eat your hamburger while riding on our Hamburger Island. Summer is here and the burgers are ready!

9. XL Shark Pool Float

Let’s go have fun Do Do Do Do with our XL Shark Pool Float which guarantees to brighten up a day while you are chilling having a great time with friends. This float is even good enough for all the celebrities!

10. Unicorn Party Island

Gather your friends for the pool party of the year and enjoy their company on our Unicorn Party Island Float which can be enough for all your friends.

If you want more than these top 10 pool floats, head over to MBO or just order online! Happy floating:)

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